Tennessee is among the lowest tax states

"We've cut taxes repeatedly in Tennessee and with good result: Tennessee is now one of the lowest tax states in the nation with the elimination of the death tax, the phase-out of the Hall Income tax, and a 30% decrease in the sales tax on food. In addition, we've lowered the property tax burden on veterans and our elderly. In total, we've cut taxes by a total of $572 million during the Haslam administration.

We know that lower taxes make Tennessee an attractive place to live, raise a family, or locate a business. And the results speak for themselves: incredible job growth, record-low unemployment rates, median household income growth at one of the highest rates in the nation, and the lowest state debt per capita in the nation."

Tennessee offers a compelling example of what conservative government can deliver. With its AAA bond rating and well-funded public pension plans, low unemployment rate, rising educational achievement and an innovative program that offers two years of free community college, Republicans see Tennessee as a national model of good governance. - Governing Magazine, November 2017