Sen. Kerry Roberts Releases Priorities For Next Legislative Session

Working with new Gov. Bill Lee to lower healthcare costs will be a strong priority.

SPRINGFIELD (October 17, 2018) – Sen. Kerry Roberts today has released a list of priorities for the upcoming legislative session and the next four years, should he be re-elected this November.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with our next governor, Bill Lee, on priorities like lowering healthcare costs and increasing educational opportunities so that more Tennesseans can find meaningful work that supports their families,” Roberts said. “In addition to passing a state budget every year, we have the opportunity to make changes that will help Tennessee continue to move in a positive direction.”

Roberts' top priorities:

  • Lowering Healthcare Costs: Sen. Roberts looks forward to working with Bill Lee to find ways to lower healthcare costs by fixing our current broken system and putting patients and providers, not government, in control.
  • Combating the Opioid Crisis: Sen. Roberts believes we need an approach that combines strengthening law enforcement efforts against drug traffickers and providing more community-based treatment options for non-violent addicts.
  • Continuing to Improve Education: Sen. Roberts is excited by Bill Lee's proposal to expand vocational education across the state by linking public schools and industry in real partnerships. He also believes we need to find a better balance between state guidance and local control of public schools, to rethink our over-reliance on high-stakes testing, and to develop a much better teacher evaluation model that teachers find meaningful, consistent, and fair.
  • Continuing Economic Growth: Tennessean's taxes were cut by a total of $572 million under Gov. Haslam, and Sen. Roberts believes continuing to reduce taxes is one key to keeping the state's economy growing. Lower taxes have made Tennessee an attractive place to live, raise a family, or locate a business – and the results have been incredible job growth, record-low unemployment rates, median household income growth at one of the highest rates in the nation, and the lowest state debt per capita in the nation.
  • Protecting Seniors: Financial scams targeting the elderly are a large and growing problem. Sen. Roberts supports tougher penalties for scammers to help protect vulnerable seniors.

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State Senator Kerry Roberts and his wife of 31 years, Dianne, live in Springfield, Tennessee. Their three children have attended Krisle Elementary, Springfield Middle, Springfield High School, Harding University, and Tennessee Tech University. Kerry farms, is a small business owner, and hosts “The Kerry Roberts Show” on AM-1590 WDBL each Monday morning at 7:00 am.

As a Tennessee Senator, Kerry is known for his statesmanship and his ability to bring both sides of the aisle together to work on legislation that benefits all Tennesseans. In four short years, he has earned increasing responsibility and now serves as the Chairman of the Calendar Committee (which schedules all legislation) in addition to serving on the Commerce and Labor, Government Operations, and Judiciary committees.

Kerry is a staunch conservative, believing in limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. He has consistently earned high ratings and endorsements from organizations such as Right to Life, National Federation of Independent Business, the American Conservative Union, The Foundation for Government Accountability, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Americans for Prosperity, the Tennessee Firearms Association, and the NRA. His commitment to our constitutional rights is unwavering as is his defense of our most vulnerable citizens, including the unborn.

For more information about Kerry and his family, join Kerry on Facebook at, Twitter at @kerryeroberts, Instagram at @kerryeroberts,, or [email protected].

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