100% Pro Life

"I'm 100% pro life with the belief that life begins at conception. It breaks my heart that society so casually embraces abortion as an acceptable practice. It's ironic that the social justice crowd protests loudly for the rights of whoever they perceive as vulnerable, yet are totally silent in defense of those precious lives who are truly the most vulnerable.

In America, the lack of respect for life has pervasively infected all aspects of our daily existence. One person abuses, molests, assaults, or kills another without a second thought or remorse. How was that learned? Where was that taught?

As a society, we need some serious introspection regarding our view of life and its value. If we reduce life to a "choice" or if we fail to uphold the sanctity of life for the unborn, we can never expect society to fully value any life."

Kerry recognizes that Planned Parenthood, despite their claims otherwise, is a significant abortion provider, and he has voted to prevent state dollars from being used to fund their operations.

Kerry is endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life.