Medical Cannabis Reform

"I'm in favor of medical cannabis reform. Safe Access Tennessee, a 501(c)4 nonpartisan, patient advocacy group devoted to restoring cannabis-based products to a legal status for medical treatment use, has defined "medical cannabis reform" to include the following:

  • Restricted to medically supervised use;
  • Supports research and evidence based trials including the academic freedom for universities and medical schools participation;
  • Requires good agricultural practices (GAP) and good manufacturing processes (GMP) to ensure product quality;
  • Provides for independent testing laboratories;
  • Includes Pharmacist participation in the program; and
  • Relies upon a valid physician-patient relationship for diagnosis.


Along with Safe Access Tennessee, I support medical cannabis use only and strongly oppose legalizing recreational marijuana use. If re-elected, I will work with Dr. Steve Dickerson (Senator), Dr. Bryan Terry (Representative), Safe Access Tennessee, and other stakeholders to develop a bill that will allow medical treatment use."