Illegal Immigration

"I'm for LEGAL immigration and against ILLEGAL immigration. That critical distinction of legal versus illegal is ignored by the hysterical leftists who label anyone not in favor of ILLEGAL immigration as anti-immigrant or some sort of hater. Nothing could be further from the truth and, thankfully, most people do get the distinction.

I'm also for enforcing our current immigration laws. Sanctuary cities violate current federal laws. If cities and states are allowed to pick and choose which laws to enforce or ignore, then why can't you and I pick and choose which laws to obey or ignore? Who's to say who is right or wrong? Who gets what they want? Is it your will or mine? 

Most folks understand the necessity of laws in the construction and maintenance of a thriving society. And they understand there is an established process by which laws may be updated or changed; but arbitrarily ignoring them according to one's political ideology isn't the correct process. Ignoring laws according to one's feelings sets a dangerous (and illegal) precedent which will erode the institutions that have allowed us to grow and flourish as a nation. 

What about the wall? Build it. Now. Before it gets any more expensive or drags out any longer. Unless you leave your front door open and welcome strangers into your home in the dark of night, you probably understand. And if you do leave your door unlocked and welcome strangers into your home at any time, good on you. For the safety of you and your loved ones, you may wish to use some discernment to separate the good actors from the bad. Everyone claims to be seeking a better life. Some are; some simply act like they are. Knowing the difference is wise.

What about laws? We have laws. They aren't enforced. We need to elect officials who insist on enforcing state and federal laws.

We all know the old saying: when you're in a hole, stop digging. It's time we stopped digging. Build the wall. Stop illegal immigration. Enforce existing laws. Then let's see where we are and decide what steps to take next."