Common Core Fails to Deliver

Joy Pullman writes a scathing article with the following headline: First Common Core High School Grads Worst-Prepared for College in 15 Years. That comes as no surprise to those who recognized early on that Common Core was about power, not education.

Advocates preached endlessly about how beneficial it would be for all schools in all states to have the same platform of standards, instructional materials, and testing. Legislators and school administrators, lured by federal dollars and pressured by the Obama administration, plunged headfirst into Common Core without considering this fundamental question: who is preparing the standards and why?

The who are leftist progressives. The why is to control what is being taught to our children.

The fight for Common Core was disguised as a fight about improving education standards, but it was really a fight about who controls the content taught in our schools. And it still is.

Simply put, the progressives who authored Common Core want to take control away from parents, teachers, and local school boards and indoctrinate our children with their values and worldview. Evidence of the liberal assault on traditional values is found - often subtly, yet unmistakably - throughout Common Core standards, instructional materials, and third-party providers aligned with Common Core.

In my opinion, it's time to reject nationwide control of educational content in the hands of a few - liberal or conservative - and return it to where it belongs: with parents, teachers, and local school administrators.

Joy Pullman's article as appears in The Federalist can be found by clicking here.