2nd Amendment

"I've never understood why politicians think criminals obey laws. Despite hundreds of federal, state, and local laws, the evidence is clear: we've not stopped drunk driving, illegal drugs, sexual abuse and assault, or murder. Criminals, by definition, are law breakers. And law-abiding citizens, by definition, are not.

So why do we continue passing laws that restrict law-abiding citizens from owning or possessing guns for their personal protection? Law-abiding citizens are not - nor have they been - the problem. Criminals are the problem, and have always been. Whatever laws we pass, criminals are sure to ignore.

I'm opposed to more meaningless and ineffective gun laws. Let law-abiding citizens own and possess guns. And let them carry those guns wherever and whenever they may feel at risk. The life they save by being armed in the presence of a criminal with murderous intent may be yours or mine.

The right to bear arms is a fundamental constitutional right that I wholeheartedly support (along with all of our constitutional rights). I'm proud to be a constitutional conservative fully supporting our right to own and bear arms."

Kerry is endorsed by the NRA and Tennessee Firearms Association.